Wedding Application

Before you complete this form, please use the ‘Eligibility Advisor‘ to work out whether you are already eligible to marry at St. Mary’s, need to work on gaining elibility or have more complex considerations to discuss.

When you’re ready, let us have the information asked for below. Please note that nothing you say on the form will commit you to any specifics nor require you to pay anything at this stage.

Proof of nationality will eventually be required: usually a passport will suffice.
We need to know your current address to determine your 'home' parish, which will need to be informed of your wedding even if you go on to marry at St. Mary's. Please include a postcode, where possible.
We need to know your partner's current address to determine their 'home' parish, which will need to be informed of your wedding even if you go on to marry at St. Mary's.
It will speed things up if we can contact you by email, so please type a correct email address -and check your spam folder regularly in case our reply to you is mis-filtered.
Please provide a phone number we can reach you on and indicate (roughly) when would be a good time to call. For exmaple: "9-2" or "Anytime before 4pm" etc.
Use the Advisor to determine your eligibility to marry at St. Mary's and then pick the statement that most closely matches your situation.
Note: the date you mention here is a guideline only. No date is actually fixed or booked until your application has been confirmed by the payment of a deposit. If you don't have even a vague date in mind as yet, just type in 'unknown'.
Nothing you select here commits you to anything, but it is helpful for us to know if your wedding plans involve any of these 'extras' (for which fees may apply).
A church marriage between divorced persons has been possible since 2002, but remains at the discretion of the vicar. We therefore need to know whether either party has been previously married. We will also need to see copies of any decrees absolute in due course.

Please note: by submitting this form, you are giving us permission to store your details in a secure manner within a database and to use those details to contact you to enable us to process your request to get married.