Light Night, 2018

Last night was Light Night -the free, family-friendly, Nottingham-based annual event during which the heart of the city lights up in enchanting and magical ways. This year, the event was celebrating its tenth anniversary.

St. Mary’s played its part in proceedings by providing a wide variety of light-based installations and displays, with the choir chiming in every forty minutes or so with a different ‘set’ of extravagant polyphony pieces. They ranged from the “spiky” Leighton to the “silky” Byrd, with much in between!

Young and old trooped in and out through the West Door all evening, with everyone seeming to enjoy the light spectacle in the glorious surroundings, despite the bitter cold outside (and maybe partly because of the generous warmth inside!)

In fact, over 4000 people attended the event at the church, making it one of the most popular St. Mary events of the year. Pleasingly, the ‘lights and buckets’ installation in the North Transept was able to raise over £1600 for Emmanuel House during the course of the evening.

A selection of photos taken on the night is now available over at our Galleries page: it’s a rare chance to see St. Mary’s in an entirely new light (pun intended)!