Electoral Roll

New Church Electoral Roll March 2019

The Electoral Roll of the Parish of St. Mary the Virgin in the Lace Market is an ‘open’ legal document that is required to be published in physical form in the South Porch entrance to the church.

This list contains an abbreviated version of the data we hold about Electoral Roll members. If you want to see the complete data related to yourself, or if you want to correct it or add to it, you may do so by contacting the Parish Office. Proof of identity will be required before any such request can be actioned, of course.

Also be aware that, by applying to be on the Electoral Roll, you have already given us a lawful basis to store this data securely and to use it to contact you about church administrative matters. Hence the list will show that every member has granted us ‘permission to contact’ them. If you ever want to come off the Electoral Roll and thus revoke that permission, you can do so by applying in writing to the Parish Administrator.