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This Week at St Mary’s

A Voice for our Youth

 Rachel Gardner is an impressive woman. It does not take long to discover her passion – churches must connect with young people. She is part of Youthscape 

Youthscape has been going since 1993. Their Centre for Research is dedicated to studying the ever-shifting landscape of youth culture – so that we can all better help young people. The gap between the vast majority of young people in the UK and the church is wide. Research has drawn attention to the way that secularism has created what she described as a permafrost, rigid assumptions which dictate all else. Further, the meaning of ‘tolerance’ has now morphed into something resistant to being challenged. Amongst young people, to be spiritual is accepted as fine – religion/religious not so. Findings show too that young people often hold a strong sense of justice and fairness; that the norm is to ‘hyperconnected’; 

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Breaking the Silence

We are so excited to be bringing this show to St Mary’s on 21st October at 7pm.

A unique immersive theatrical tour for Black History Month fictionalizing a meeting by key members of the 18th and early 19th century British abolitionist movement. We celebrate 18th century Black British Abolitionists such as Olaudah Equiano and Mary Prince, and women such as Mary Birkett Card, who along with William Wilberforce used the power of their stories to end the slave trade. Through speeches, personal narratives, and song, we tell their stories in their own words.

Performing in historic churches with close ties to the slave trade and abolition in Sunderland Point, Manchester, Fulham, Hampstead, Soham, Liverpool, Bristol, and Nottingham.

This production is created with support from Arts Council England, Unity Trust, Brunel University Research and Engagement and East 15 School of Acting, University of Essex Research. 

For bookings click here

For more info email:

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THE PRAYER COURSE – An eight week journey through the Lord’s Prayer

Starts Sunday 10th October following sung eucharist, over coffee and cake, then Thursdays at 19:30, 21st October-2nd December, by Zoom.

The course is created by Pete Grieg, leader of the 24/7 world-wide prayer movement established in 1999 and explores connecting and communicating with God through prayer: hear God’s voice; experience more of His presence; unlock the power of prayer.

Each session of The Prayer Course is 1 hour long and follows the following structure:

  • Introduce the Session
    Introducing the theme and opening in prayer
  • Watch the Video
    Teaching on the week’s theme.
  • Discussion Questions
    Questions to unpack together on the theme.
  • Do it
    A practical prayer activity to do.

To book your place please email Di in the office