Holy Week at St Mary’s


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Maundy Thursday, 18 April

7.30pm  Last Supper Communion Service with Stripping of the Altar followed by Prayer Vigil.


Good Friday, 19 April

12-3pm Reflections divided into half-hour sections to include Reading of Account of Jesus’ trial and death, the Stations of the Cross, silence, prayer, meditative readings.

7pm Meditation with Choir and Orchestra performing The Seven Last Words (James Macmillan).


Easter Day, 21 April

5am Dawn Vigil with informal Communion and rejoicing. Coffee and pastries served.

10.45am Easter Sunday Sung Eucharist.

6.30pm Evensong.

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

Our wonderful Easter garden display had its stone rolled away on Sunday 1st April, as we celebrated the glory of Christ’s resurrection.

St. Mary’s was kitted out in splendid floral array:

Special mention, I think, should be made of Iris’ wonderful display at the foot of the cross:

And it wasn’t just the church which was florally embellished, either.  We at St. Mary’s are fortunate that when Evelyn and Eleanor Drummond get creative, we can celebrate the glory of the traditional Easter Bonnet:

Thanks for making such a grand effort, girls!