Bells back in action…

Following the unexpected collapse of an internal sound control wall inside the bell chamber last January, both the intricate work of repairing damage to the wooden wheels used to swing the bells and the rebuilding of the wall is now complete.

We are delighted with the work done both by world-renowned bell founders Taylors of Loughborough (they were on site and at work in no time at all) and by MSM – our specialist builders – who undertook the tasks of rubble removal and reconstruction in a very tight and awkward space.

So now the very pleasant sound of 12 bells skilfully rung can be heard once more, with the sound-limiting shutters open or closed depending on circumstances.

Perhaps the next task will be to install live video from the ringing chamber (where the ringers work the ropes) and the bell chamber above, where the great bells swing joyfully to and fro!

Paul Sibly, Churchwarden