Baptisms and Funerals


Nothing can be more important than making a decision to be a Christian. At a Baptism a person promises, publicly, to be a follower of Jesus Christ. It’s the occasion when the church welcomes the new member. (A Christening is when the parents and godparents make these promises on behalf of a baby.)

The first thing will be to meet up with a member of clergy and discuss how best to take things on. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we want to do what’s right for you. Whether you’re newly arrived in Nottingham or if you have family connections with St Mary’s, come and have a chat. 

Contact the church office. There is no charge for a Baptism or Christening. You may be interested to know the font (where christenings take place) is medieval with an interesting palindromic inscription on it!


Death of a loved one is painful, often very painful. Saying goodbye, at a funeral, is never easy. Over the centuries, the church has, in life’s darkest moments, held close to the depths of God’s great compassion. It has also been undergirded by a deep confidence that when Jesus died and rose again, God has done something which changes the face of death.

We will use words which, over the centuries, have been used for funerals in England. They say just what needs saying. We will work with you to select music and other elements which will make the occasion personal, one to give thanks for a unique person, wonderfully created in God’s image.

Contact the church office. The cost of a funeral in church starts at £228.