Art Exhibition set to Fill Church with Colour

Between Friday 13th-Sunday 22nd September we’re delighted to be hosting an exhibition by Alex Kingswell, entitled ‘Let the Light Shine.

Alex was introduced to us by Alan Hargrave (who has been taking services at St Mary’s.) Alan describes the effect of her work on him as ‘profoundly moving’. Her work has always drawn on her own deep spirituality and has recently, in his view, moved in a new direction. Given its spiritual resonance, a church like St Mary’s is an obvious choice of venue for giving her works a wider viewing. He comments, ‘her aim is to delight, intrigue, provoke and engage.’

Alex discovered her love of textiles a number of years ago, which she admits she can now indulge full-time. She says, “I was fascinated by colour from an early age. As a child, I loved sorting my coloured pencils into pleasing sequences. My attention to detail saw me cutting glace cherries into 32 slices and arranging them in intricate geometrical patterns on top of my grandmother’s sherry trifles!”

Her fascination with detail, and particularly with the intricacies of number, has never left her and her work is characterised by “vibrant colours and strong, geometric shapes through which I seek a colourful physical expression of mathematical ideas”.

Her work, which has been exhibited at the NEC, is characterised by vibrant colours and strong, geometric shapes. She says she starts with a harmonious colour-scheme, sometimes inspired by a poem or other text, or a special number, and imposes a mathematical sequence. She cuts, rearranges according to the sequence, and sees what happens; a process, that “always delights and surprises [her]”.

Exhibiting at St Mary’s, Alex says, “I am delighted to bring my work to a more local audience. It is an honour to have some of my pieces in this beautiful and sacred building. I hope they will uplift, intrigue and inspire. And perhaps make you smile.