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This Week at St Mary’s

Our Generous Benefactors

 I’d be fascinated to find out more of the origins of St Mary’s inherited funds. I’d hazard a guess that they represent a combination of generosity from bequests and donations, as well as from the sale of property over the years and canny investing, and maybe some from surprising sources. I strongly suspect that anyone who was part of creating what we now have would be pleased to see how important it’s proving in this time of financial strain. If now isn’t the proverbial ‘rainy day’ when will it be? 

I feel the same gratitude when I look at ‘the oldest door in Nottingham’, when I hear still being rung Henry Oldfield II’s ‘fourth’ bell (dating to 1595) and lots more at the finest medieval building in Nottingham. Things which have lasted centuries underline the debt we owe our forebears. 

With the unforeseen losses of both income from ‘events’ as well as from Sunday collections, yellow envelopes, etc, we are heading for a deficit this accounting year in the order of £50,000. With our reserves, there is no crisis. But with all money there for a rainy day, once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

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Christmas Cards

Instead of these being left at St Mary’s for collection by members of the congregation, as this is not possible in 2020, please consider donating the money instead to Emmanuel House. We have the DONKEY and DOVE Christmas cards left over from last year – if you’d like some, let us know, no charge, but please make a donation to Emmanuel House.