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This Week at St Mary’s 29 March 2020

With our church buildings closed

We broadcast a service last Sunday in which I know many of St Mary’s participated. There were 51 ‘unique listeners’. It’s more difficult to organise one this week, without access to the church building, but it is happening. It’ll be ‘live’ from 11.00. The music and readings are listed on the final page. Francis Shepherd has done masses more work on the technical side. Many thanks indeed.

We have also now made it possible for the choir to join you at home for Evensong, any evenings(s) you want! See new Worship Resources for use at home section on our website. The C of E website (ours has a link to it) will give you the liturgy of the day, with the Psalm and readings, etc. For sung ‘preces’, magificat, nunc dimittis and prayers, click on the one you want and be transported to St Mary’s.

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