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This Week at St Mary’s

Being shaped by something that is invisible

I was struck this week by a comment made by Steve Silvester, the Vicar of St Nics, that for the past 6 months our lives have been shaped by something which we can’t ‘see’. It’s happened rather dramatically and quickly.

I know it’s not as simple as saying that this is a brand new development. Many of us would agree the way we have been used to living has primarily been as a result of the people and things we can see and touch, ie our friends and families, homes and gardens, food and drink, holidays, hobbies and leisure activities. At the same time, many have perhaps bought in too uncritically to the ‘secular materialist’ assumptions all around us. There has largely been a popular marginalisation of the possibility that ‘unseen things’ not only have been present but are in fact the keys influences.

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This Week at St Mary’s 06 September 2020


I am delighted to be able to announce that Grant is shortly to be licensed to serve as a curate with us. Many of us over the past year have greatly enjoyed getting to know him and Elizabeth, valuing their ministry among us. For him now to be devoting more of his time and his many gifts to St Mary’s is for us all very good news.

Craig Hunt, the DDO comments, ‘Grant brings with him a wealth of ministry experience, and a growing love of the Church of England. He will be a great resource to the ministry at St Mary’s in the coming years.’

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