About St. Mary’s

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting the new St Mary’s, Nottingham’s website.

Those of you who are looking for the Friends of St Mary’s should know that they have very kindly donated their web address to the church -but you will still find their unique content under the ‘Friends’ link in the main menu above.

Additionally, you may be interested in visiting their Facebook page, which continues to be a more immediate source of news about their special contribution to the life of the Church.

This change is one of many things happening at the moment at St Mary’s in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market and the ‘Creative Quarter’.

My name is Rev. Stephen Morris. I’ve recently returned to St Mary’s after a few years in Newark and am ‘temping’ for a few months while we get ready to welcome our new full-time vicar, Tom Gillum, on March 18th. After that, I will be around for a further couple of months as Tom transitions into his full-time rôle.

Some of you may know that, for the last ten years, we have been integrated with the churches of St Peter’s and All Saints’. That integration is now coming to an end. St Mary’s is returning to being a Church with its own parish, including the Lace Market, Council House, Victoria Centre, most of Hockley and just into St Ann’s.

However, we still expect that that our future relationship with St Peter’s and All Saint’s will continue to be fruitful and we pray for their ministry as well as for ours.

This is part of a wider plan being developed and supported by Bishop Paul and the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. We are greatly encouraged by the new approach. It is designed to deliver greater diversity of ministry across Nottingham by playing to various strengths of the Church of England: from the liturgy and music of St Mary’s to the introduction of much newer aspects of the Church’s mission such as is being experienced in the new Trinity Church on Mansfield Road (formerly Neale’s Auction Rooms), for example.

Every blessing,

Header image courtesy Martine Hamilton-Knight