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This Week at St Mary’s

Get our Bells Ringing Again

King Charles III will be the 29th monarch this nation has had since our first record that bells have been rung at St Mary’s. It could well go back further, but at least from the time of Henry IV in 1399, our bells have rung out at every coronation. 

However, unless we can get scaffolding up in the next month to do the necessary repairs at the top of the south transept gable end wall, Nottingham faces the unthinkable: that St Mary’s bells remain silent on this great occasion. I am appealing to everyone, please now to contribute as much as you can so that our bells indeed ring out, loud and clear on May 8th. 

Many will already be aware of this, as East Midlands Today, Notts TV, Nottingham Post and others have very kindly drawn attention to the silence of our bells. We have been speaking about it at St Mary’s since the late autumn when we learnt the cost of repair work – at least £180,000. 

The really good news is that the Nottingham Civic Society are contributing £15,000. Fantastic, not least to encourage us all to believe the work can happen, soon. On top of that, an awaited legacy of approx. £24,000 together with other donations already received take us to £40,000. That’s 22% of what’s needed! 

NOW IS THE TIME TO GIVE, PLEASE. We’ll get there if everyone – individual, business, Trust – gives what WE can and if generosity is the key word. For some, this will be extravagant generosity, amazingly so, in the spirit of God’s generosity to us. 

If you wish to donate is made online, please use the donate button on our website and send me an email so that it can be identified and allocated to this appeal. There will also be special envelopes for donations. 

I hope you’ll agree to help and be part of Nottingham’s history – thanks to us, St Mary’s bells could ring out at King Charles III’s Coronation in 2023. 

Tom Gillum

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