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This Week at St Mary’s

In the Cost of Living Crisis

 If only because of what many others are going through, we’d need to be on a parallel universe not now to be thinking about money. 

What might it mean to say, ‘Put your trust in God when it comes to money’? I suggest it’s both ‘spiritual’ and practical. Money has great capacity to generate anxiety and fear. The best reason to get us to pray! Our instinct seems to be to put spiritual things in a category of their own. Let’s keep the spiritual and the practical close, so that we bring before God things to do with money. 

God’s door is wide open, at all times, for all to enter and bring ourselves as we are to Him. All prayer starts with silence, steadying ourselves for us to know his calm and peace. Sharing our financial anxieties also with another person we trust can be transformative, creating a new perspective. 

 Trusting God is to trust that He is kind. That means trusting that giving is deep at His core. All we have and enjoy is a gift, from the wonderful creation, to life itself, and especially His most precious gift, that of His Son. Things get practical as a church does all to foster an atmosphere of kindness. That means we proactively look out for one another (and beyond) and listen carefully to all who may be in need, to see what each can do to help. 

At a time like this, using wisely and generously whatever money we have is especially important. Please let us not respond by ‘battening down the hatches’, tightening our fists. I’d say the opposite should be the case. Whether we have a little or a lot to give, let each do whatever we can to help our fellow humans, be that supporting a business, a family in need or a local church or charity. 

Tom Gillum

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