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This Week at St Mary’s

A Rich Holy Week and Easter

 “There’s no stone in front of the cave!” 

As children brought their flowers to the Easter Garden, I’d told them something would be different when they came back. Spring flowers – primrose, forsythia, camellia, grape hyacinth, hellebore, arranged in jam jars looked really good. Wearing their magnificent Easter crowns, the children gathered close to look into the cave. “What can you see?” “A strip of cloth”, said one – connection with the story in the Bible clearly being made. Harder, it proved, to describe the cloth which had been wrapped around Jesus’ head. I drew attention to the Paschal Candle close by, reminding us the Risen Christ is with us today. We prayed that we meet Him today and every day, that He speaks to us and reveals Himself as the living Lord and that we share the good news with others. 

 It has been a rich Holy Week and Easter and so good to see, returning, a number who have not been able to worship at St Mary’s for over a year. The magnolia in full bloom beside the south door looked at its best in the glorious sunshine. Too cold to have the vigil outside, but at 6.30 we ventured out to watch the dawn breaking. We’d been at the last supper and at Golgotha, memorably at the brilliant Markuspassion and by 7.15 on Easter morning, the sun was pouring in, rich golden on this morning of the resurrection. 

Had the early church invented the ‘story’ of the empty tomb, they could only have drawn on familiar ideas about someone returning to life. This would either have been resuscitation, or some sort of spiritual being. But what they describe is RESURRECTION, someone recognisably human, but different, in a new life form. That’s what so arrested their attention and convinced them it was of the utmost importance. 

Tom Gillum

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