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This Week at St Mary’s

Our Morning Service

Over the past months, the PCC in consultation with the Worship Committee has been discussing the right framework for our Sunday morning Communion Service. What we have been using has evolved over the years, so that it now includes elements drawn from old and new Services. 

The decision has been made for St Mary’s to use what is called Common Worship Order 1. These are the reasons:

  1. The musical content we currently use can all continue to be included.
  2. Order 1 allows flexibility as to the use of prayers, especially the Communion Prayer.
  3. It includes rich ‘seasonal’ material, ie around the Festivals (we have been using some of this the past year).
  4. The hope is that it will contribute to make our worship more accessible, although we recognise that for this other things will also be needed. When children return to church, we will be developing the All Family Services we began a year ago.

For St Mary’s, use of the Book of Common Prayer has and will remain a vital part of our worship. In addition to Evensong, the evening Communion Services eg Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc will continue to be Prayer Book Services. We aim to develop these, to include (resourcing allowing) on Christmas and Easter days to have both a Common Worship and a Prayer Book Service.

When we resume worship in church, we will begin a 3 month ‘trial period’ using Order 1. Please contact me or Tony Mitchell or Margaret Wiedemann if you’d like to discuss this in more detail. We are also making available a questionnaire to hear how the service is being received, which anyone is welcome to complete. Near the end of the 3 months, we will have an open meeting to review how it has been going.

Tom Gillum

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