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This Week at St Mary’s 16 February 2020


In her blog, Marysia Zipser writes: I brisked along to the beckoning St Mary’s Church.  Exciting music and pulsating lights adorned the churchyard, and inside, among the candle light, there was an enticing and mesmerising show of light sculptures and projected art of continuously different shapes one could walk through hither and thither.  Lots of enraptured faces. I moved forward to see and hear the heavenly choir voices. What a stunning show performance throughout this ancient church! 

Light Night took place over two nights this year – Friday and Saturday. We hosted two installations, “Flock”. The concert meant there was on Saturday only the one outside.

This was “Swan Song”, a collaboration of Opera North’s orchestra and Urban Projections, delivering an immersive audio and visual experience. Finnish composer Rautavaara’s “Swans Migrating” inspired both inside and outside installations.

On Friday around 4,300 people in little more than 3 hours visited the church. Described as ‘an ephemeral light installation which playfully danced through screens of mist and gauze’, the artwork was the creation of Rebecca Smith (Urban Projections,) Sarah Palmer, Angus Macleod and young people from Foxwood Academy. Over four days, the young people had explored flock and migration patterns through print making and digital scanning.

Around the rest of the church, in the south transept, Nottingham Girls’ High School presented a series of portraits by local primary school children depicting positive role models in their lives. Beautiful Daniel Hanson Limited designs were available for purchase and the Friends of St Mary’s were busy serving refreshments and our choir gave three short concerts.

Nearly £1,500 was raised to support Emmanuel House from donations, people lighting “candles of hope” and the generous support of the Hanson family. As always, Light Night is a huge team effort – thank you to everyone, especially Ed Mills, who did so much to make it another great success!