Interment Service Mrs Betty Ellis

We sadly advise that Mrs. Betty Ellis, who worshipped at St. Mary’s for many years, passed away, peacefully in her sleep, on January 14th at her nursing home in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Accordingly, after the morning service on Sunday, 11th February, her ashes will be interred in the Garden of Remembrance, alongside those of her late husband, Roy, a former Churchwarden of St. Mary’s.

There will be a procession to the Garden at the end of the Eucharist service and a Nunc Dimitis will be sung during the interment. All are welcome.

Rev. Tom Gillum – An Update

A short note to confirm that Rev. Tom Gillum, presently our Vicar Designate, will be made Vicar of St Mary’s at a special service in the church by Bishop Paul on Sunday 18th March at 4:00 pm.

Please pray for Tom and for the future life and ministry of the parish.

Memorial Service Dr Geoffrey Walker

We wish to give advance notice that a memorial service for Dr. Geoffrey Walker will be held at St Mary’s on Thursday, 15th February at 3.00 pm. 

A reception will be held afterwards at the Lace Market Hotel and anyone wishing to attend it are asked to add their names to the list available in the south porch.

Generate Nottingham

The next Generate event is taking place in Nottingham on Sunday, February 4th at 6.00pm until 8pm at The Church on Rise Park,  Revelstoke Way, Nottingham, NG5 5EB

There will be great food, competitions, worship and interactive Bible teaching, so it sounds like fun. At the last event, back in December, over 70 young people and leaders were there, from all across Nottingham; the next event therefore has something to live up to!

An Epiphany Prayer

On this Epiphany, we think upon the Magi and give thanks for their example of faith and their willingness to seek out the true God. We give thanks for their role in revealing the light of Christ – let us follow their example of humility and devotion so that we may also be strengthened in our own journeys of faith.

Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Lord, may this church and our new parish seek out the light of Christ that all we do here may be focused on your true will. In this time of anticipation and change, we pray for Stephen, for our PCC and for Tom as he prepares to join us. May we all be strengthened by the opportunity that lies ahead and may our hearts be open to new ideas that may help this church shine brightly as a beacon of your light.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer

As we look to the months ahead, we pray for our country and our city’s leaders in what will be a year of turbulence and change. We pray that decisions made locally and nationally may be for the good of all and that political interests may be set aside in favour of just and fair outcomes. May Christ’s teaching to love our neighbour be felt and acted upon by all in positions of authority.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer

Lord, as we think of the Magi, travelling to find Jesus, we pray for those around the world who are fleeing their homes due to poverty, political unrest or natural disaster. Lord, we long for a world without suffering or conflict. Father, may those in positions of power be guided to make decisions for the good of those most in need. And may your guiding light be a source of strength and hope.

Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer

Lord of light and love, we pray for those in this parish who are suffering in mind, body or spirit. In a moment of silence we particularly think of those mentioned on the service sheet and those known personally to us who are in need or are no longer with us.

Lord, may your never fading light light up our world and be our constant source of warmth and companionship.

(With thanks to Ed Mills)