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Preacher: Tom Gillum

All live services in St Mary’s currently suspended. This situation will be reviewed at the end of February

Resilience in a World of Change

Clinical Psychologist Debbie Hawker presented this introductory workshop at St Mary’s,
with practical tips about steps we can take day by day to build resilience – even during a pandemic

Click here to see a video of the presentation

St Mary’s is usually open for private prayer and reflection

11.30am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday

BUT PLEASE CHECK BEFOREHAND by calling 07825 041432

Organ Recitals

This spring Director of Music John Keys presents a series of recitals from St Mary’s, played on our highly effective and flexible Viscount digital organ.
RECITAL FOR ASH WEDNESDAY Works by J S Bach, Lionel Rogg and Julius Reubke

Broadcast from the website – Click here for further information.

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